Google IO 2010 – Measure in Millseconds redux As part of the Google Web Toolkit track, I presented about web performance and showed off Speed Tracer. (may 2010)
Campfire One 2009 This was the public release for my new open source project, Speed Tracer. While it was a general tool for all web apps, it was released as part of GWT 2.0. Sadly, I was not allowed to keep the HTML5 jersey. (dec 2009)
Google IO 2009 – Measure in Milliseconds Having now done quite a few performance investigations for Google products, I spoke about making your GWT apps fast. (may 2009)
Voices that Matter GWT – Usability A talk about making good apps and having happier users. Here I advocate following an iterative development process and offer up some simple advice for web apps. (dec 2007)
Voices that Matter GWT – Bulding Libraries (Dec 2007) Joel Webber and I talked about good practices for maintaining libraries. At the time, he and I were spending a lot of time building and maintaining GWT's UI libraries. (dec 2007)
Eclipsecon 2007 — Google Web Toolkit for quick relief of AJAX pain Miguel Méndez and I did a GWT tutorial at Eclipsecon walking people through building a web-based chat client and server. I led off the session with this talk. (mar 2007)
python: 10 things in less than 20 lines that have saved me at least 30 minutes MIT Media Lab has a culture of sharing knowledge through small seminars. I was asked to teach python and decided to take a more case-based approach. (2005)